Microcurrent Facial “Magic Gloves“

Microcurrents (microcurrent therapy) is one of the latest discoveries in cosmetology. They allow to affect gently and effectively the functional activity of skin cells, muscles, lymphatic and blood vessels.

How does it work?

At the heart of microcurrent therapy are low frequency electric currents. The device has a very mild effect on the cells, which, in the end, leads to the improvement of many indicators. Microcurrents very accurately and deeply pass through the skin, increasing blood circulation, providing a light lymphatic drainage effect. Bags under the eyes will be eliminated, the swell of eyelids will vanish, the oval of the face will improve, oxygen will be supplied to the cells, which makes the skin fresher and healthier.

For the procedure, electro-conductive gloves are used, which the expert will be wearing (“magic hands“). Mild electrical vibration stimulates the many functions of the skin through the use of micro-current probes, and thus the doctor provides a facial massage, combining two procedures at once. It is possible to apply serum to the face, as due to the current it quickly passes into deep layers of skin.