In a nutshell, Meder Beauty Science is a Swiss line of hi-end professional skincare. But there is more to their story.
Launched in 2009, Meder Beauty Science has since earned recognition in many countries of the world. Bearing the name of its creator, Dr Tiina Meder, the brand MEDER embodies both bold, no-nonsense strictly scientific vision and a firm belief in natural pain-free beauty.

MEDER works with cosmetic chemists and partner up with dermatologists, microbiologists and molecular geneticists to develop our products. With every single Meder Beauty Science solution they strive to achieve max impact on the skin using only safe ingredients with scientifically confirmed beneficial effect. They know exactly what skin structures and on what level are affected by the active ingredients we use. Priorities are safety, stable results and healthy look.

Meder Beauty offers six easily marketable professional treatments for most widespread aesthetic problems. The combination of organic plant extracts and latest bio-tech ingredients makes Meder Beauty one of the few truly effective cosmeceutical brands on the market.