The Aesthetic Medicine Clinic that aims for the Highest standards of cosmetic and medical treatments in Estonia

The Clinic was launched collaboratively with investors and three doctors who worked for one of the very first private esthetic clinics in Estonia 15 years ago, and then separated to join other clinics to finally consolidate efforts to form their own institution equipped with the latest medical technologies for efficient and successful work with patients and partners.

Our Clinic utilizes medical lasers manufactured by American, Israeli and German companies which are the key producers of laser equipment.

Aesthetic medicine, neurology, cosmetology, non-surgical contour correction, diagnosis and dermatology are key fields of our work.

The most prominent investments were made into medical laser technologies manufactured by worldwide producers. Cutting-edge and latest laser technologies coupled with the experience and qualification of our doctors helped the clinic to firmly establish itself on the Baltic market in general, and in Estonia in particular.

We offer medical services and cosmetic treatment using UltraPulse Encore fractional CO2 Laser by Lumenis (Israel-USA), a leading company in the field. Using UltraPulse carbon-dioxide (СО2) laser, the doctors of the clinic solve a variety of esthetic problems including dark patches, moles, papillomas, warts, wrinkles, scars due to acne and other skin irregularities and defects. Moreover, laser resolves the issues of lift abnormalities (sagging skin), ingrown toenail, and many other problems.

Additionally, LaserMed Clinic offers laser resurfacing or dermabrasion, or in other words peeling which can be performed using СО2 laser. The procedure is performed for face, hands, neck, and decollate area. Depending on the regimen, definitive results are obtained including lift and rejuvenation.

Mimic and deep wrinkles and scars become smooth; dark and age spots disappear; skin tone and texture improve considerably. Owing to deep skin stimulation, facial contours are restored, and metabolic processes in skin restart.

One of the latest acquisitions of the clinic (made in the autumn 2015) is the vascular laser by Asclepion (Germany). The laser is used for removal of capillaries, capillary network, couperosis (Rosacea), haemangioma, port-wine stains and other vascular abnormalities.

The other revolutionary development by Lumenis presented in our clinic is LigthSheer DUET diode laser with vacuum-assist technology and better among others cooling systems. The apparatus is currently the only one in Estonia! Diode laser hair removal is deemed to be the most effective of all currently existing. Most of our clients report positive results immediately after the first procedure.

Another field of the clinic’s activity includes non-surgical and cosmetic approaches to skincare using laser resurfacings and beauty shots (botulinum toxin injections and fillers).

To battle the time and gravitation, our partners help the doctors with their high-quality products with guarantees, and proper advanced training or esthetics innovation method educational programs.

The aim of LaserMed Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is to attain high standards in cosmetic treatment and medical care in Estonia. We serve the interests of our patient and follow the cornerstone principle of medicine which is “First, do no harm”.