RADIESSE® contour plastic

To look younger, it is not enough just to get rid of individual wrinkles. The secret of youth is in volumes that are lost with age as a result of the destruction of natural collagen. The young face has the form of the Latin letter V.
In youth, the skin is tighter and more elastic; the facial contours are clear and symmetrical; the cheekbones and chin form a triangle, whose wide base is upwardly oriented; this face shape is sometimes called the “triangle of beauty”.
With the age, elasticity and resilience of the skin and muscles is lost; subcutaneous fat decreases and redistributed; the facial oval loses clear contours and the facial V-shape turns over with the wide base downward. As a result of such metamorphosis, the face looks older, regardless of the presence, location and depth of wrinkles.

RADIESSE® brings the young V-form back to the face: it replenishes the lost volume where necessary, while wrinkles are smoothed, collagen production is stimulated, cheeks are tightened, and the young facial oval is restored.