Laser treatment of capillaries

Spider veins, couperosis or capillary veins on the face and body are a common problem in Estonia which is primarily due to the climate. Laser medical technologies are the most effective and safe means to eliminate such defects. Our aim is to give your skin a smooth tone and healthy appearance with the help of the best laser technologies and highly experienced doctors.

For these purposes, our clinic uses QuadroStarPRO (a special laser with a green spectrum). This laser is an etalon in the treatment of vascular diseases.

The manufacturer of this laser, German company Asclepion Laser Techologies, holds a leading position in the international market for more than 30 years. The company was one of the first companies to use innovative laser technologies for medical and aesthetic purposes.

Main indications for the use of the vascular laser:

  • spider veins
  • capillary veins
  • acne rosacea
  • spider nevus
  • senile (cherry) angiomas
  • venous lakes
  • hemangiomas
  • couperosis (rosacea)
  • other blood vessel anomalies

What is laser?

LASER, or Light Amplifacation by the Stimulated Emission is a device that transforms a certain energy, in this case thermal energy, into a focused stream of energy.

There are two types of surgical lasers ablative and non-ablative. Ablative lasers operate similarly to a scalpel. Non-ablative lasers work in a different manner: for example, having processed a papilloma, a hemangioma or a wart, the laser contributes to their elimination. And it happens as a result of mummification, drying and detachment of the formation.

How the laser works

QuadroStar PRO green spectrum waves are absorbed by hemoglobin. As a result of their effect on the blood, the vessels are heated and subsequently bonded (coagulation).

QuadroStra PRO feature

This model is equipped with a special skin cooling system that reduces the risk of overheating, providing a gentle and careful treatment of large areas and eliminating the need for massive systems with a large number of connecting cables and wires.

Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser market since 40 years. The constant development of new technologies has made Asclepion one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide.