GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling

In the 1950s, Dr. Christine Schrammek developed the first peeling, consisting exclusively of herbal ingredients. The task of this peeling method was to correct aesthetic skin imperfections. After a decade the method was perfected by the daughter of Dr. Schrammek – Christine Schrammek-Drusio, dermatologist, allergist and post-doctoral degree in medicine, who scientifically substantiated the action of herbal peeling GREEN PEEL®. In the 90’s, Dr. Schrammek-Drusio headed the inherited business of the Dr. Schrammek GREEN PEEL brand.

The basis of peeling is a mixture of eight curative plants containing active enzymes, vitamins and minerals. This unique combination of exclusively herbal components is rubbed into the skin and leads to exfoliation, providing also additional biological stimulation of the skin with herbs, which gives visible results after the first procedure.

The GREEN PEEL® Herbal peeling procedure is performed only by certified cosmetologists in beauty salons and aesthetic clinics. For obtaining the certificate and the opportunity to apply GREEN PEEL® products for cosmetologists, regular seminars and trainings are held.


For each aesthetic skin problem, one of the 3 types of peeling is selected: Classic, energizing or refreshing.


The very first and the most “classical” procedure among all types of peeling is GREEN PEEL® HERBAL PEELING. After a thorough assessment of the skin condition by a specialist, determining the course of care and preparing for the first procedure, a prepared mixture of herbal peeling is rubbed into the skin with intense massage movements, activating the process of its cleaning. You can evaluate the visible result in 4-5 days. An excellent result is also ensured by a proper home post-peeling care after the procedure – the cosmetologist will offer you the necessary preparations from the Dr. Schrammek product range. To consolidate the result five days after the peeling, the cosmetologist conducts a professional procedure aimed at restoring the skin, eliminating its hypersensitivity and post-peeling reactions. Depending on the type of aesthetic skin problem, a course of peeling procedures may be required.


The GREEN PEEL® ENERGY procedure provides natural biological stimulation of the skin, thanks to the activity of medicinal herbs. ENERGY peeling is ideal for combination type and skin with age-related pigmentation disorders. The most noticeable effect can be observed after several continuous procedures.


The FRESH UP peeling is a procedure that gives your skin instant freshness and shining. Thanks to this procedure, blood circulation is stimulated, metabolic processes are improved. The skin acquires a smooth and even texture.