RF lifting

With aging, collagen fibres go stretched and lengthened leading to reduced skin elasticity, flabbiness and wrinkle formation. During the course of RF thermolifting, deep warming of the dermis, the so-called thermage, takes place along with renewal of collagen and elastin. The result will be noticeable after the very first lift treatment (the thermage effect): the skin tightens; its structure gets better with further improvement within 2-4 months.

It is a rejuvenating treatment procedure, which influences the deep layers of the dermis.  The procedure is carried out with the help of special equipment that uses radio frequency radiation. RF lifting is also called thermolifting.

When speaking of the RF lift treatment in more details, first, it is necessary to mention that it is an alternative to surgical face- and body lifting. The procedure is intended for in-depth skin tightening. When the six-month course of treatment has been completed, the enhanced formation of new collagen takes place along with further tightening of the dermis bringing about a long-lasting aesthetic result.  

Main indications for using the RF lifting are skin laxity, reduced skin tone, impaired hydration of the skin, skin aging, including mimic and age-related wrinkles.

If such procedure as photorejuvenation fails to remove deep wrinkles, RF lifting will successfully solve these problems! What are the zones does thermolifting work on? Those are wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, tightening the skin of the eyelids and brows, double chin reduction, skin tightening after considerable body weight loss and age-related changes, lift of the buttocks, tights and hips, knees or back.

The mechanism of the RF-lifting procedure:

When the thermolifting procedure is in progress, the temperature in the epidermis rises up to 60 degrees. Fibrillae and collagen lose water, denature, shrink and lose their stretching ability. All this results in the formation of subcutaneous supporting framework from own collagen fibers that tighten the skin creating the lifting and rejuvenation effect. The R lift treatment has a direct impact on the dermis of the skin bypassing the epidermis. The created thermal effect vitalizes and intensifies the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, reduces the depth of wrinkles thus considerably strengthening the skin tone.


Benefits of RF lifting

• Non-traumatizing method of treatment, pain-free
• The treatment does not require any rehabilitation period
• No anaesthesia is required
• No cooling of epidermis is required
• No complications, for the energy used does not damage the skin
• Full compatibility with other treatment methods – photo rejuvenation, peelings, mesotherapy
• The effect is retained for up to 2 years

Indications for RF face lifting:

  •  Withering skin
  •  Gravity-related ptosis of the facial soft tissues 
  •  Changes of the face contour
  •  Excess skin on the eyelids 
  •  Eye-around wrinkles
  •  Well-defined nasolabial lines

Contraindications for having a course of RF lifting:

  • A pacemaker present in the body
  • Diabetes (sugar disease)
  • Systemic connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus etc.)
  • General infection diseases and skin lesions in the areas of the supposed treatment 
  • Pregnancy, lactation
  • Gold- and other metal threads present in the skin.

RF body lifting:

The method is effective for treatments in the areas of décolleté, thighs (stretch marks).
Facilitates the reduction of localized excess fat deposits in problem areas (shoulders, shins, buttocks, hips and thighs, abdomen), reduces vein bulging, tightens the sagging skin at the back of the arms.

The non-invasive lifting also removes cellulite, stretch marks on the abdomen and breast, wrinkles on the hands, as well as restores the skin elasticity.

Effect of the radiofrequency lifting:

A rejuvenating lifting effect, noticeable reduction of wrinkles just after the first treatment; Facilitation of the rejuvenating effect within the course of treatments and the following 6 months thereafter; Long-lasting rejuvenating effect due to the stimulated production of own skin collagen, reduced appearance of cellulite.

Recommendations for having the radiofrequency lift treatments:

Refrain from sun tanning for 3 days; The same day, do not have any other treatment procedures carried out in the area of RF exposure, other than cosmetology care. Prior to the treatment session, take out contact lenses and remove metal objects.

Do not expose the treated skin to physical impact (do not rub, do not scratch).