BIO-revitalisation PRX-T®₃₃

A new facial peel PRX-T®₃₃ is an innovative development of Italian cosmetologists, which has revolutionized aesthetic medicine and continues to conquer the whole world. The product is unique since clients do not experience typical unpleasant side effects, as it’s painless, there’s no bruising after treatment, it is not photoreactive, so it can be used even in summer.

PRX-T®₃₃ therapy is a chemical peel of the face with the help of a patented preparation PRX-T33, which contains components that provide the effect of bio-rejuvenation without damaging the skin. There is no rehabilitation period after the procedure, but the skin will be elastic and fresh, wrinkles will be smoothed, pigmented spots will disappear. PRX-T®₃₃ therapy is perfectly suited for making facial “before a night out”, but the best results are achieved after 4-5 procedures.

Like any medical procedure, PRX-T®₃₃ therapy has contraindications:

  • herpes in active stage,
  • acute skin diseases,
  • damaged skin in impact areas,
  • allergy to drug components,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • oncological diseases.

The cost of one PRX-T®₃₃ therapy varies from 75 to 150€ and depends on the area of treatment.