Mesotherapy as a method of treatment has been known for over 150 years. In Europe mesotherapy has been used for almost 50 years.

In the course of mesotherapy, microinjections of the drug with biologically active substances are made (these substances include hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, trace elements, enzymes, plant extracts, amino acids, and other substances, which improve blood circulation and enhance the production of collagen and elastin). These substances reach the deep layers of the dermis and exert active action on the cells, which cannot be achieved by external application of cosmetic creams and facial masks with the same effect.

Facial mesotherapy effectively smoothens superficial and deep wrinkles, reduces dark circles under the eyes, moisturizes and eliminates excessive dryness and flaccidity of the skin, improves its tone and turgor, improves complexion, leads vessels to tonus. The final effect of mesotherapy depends on the drugs used in injections, this is due to the wide range of applications of the procedure. When using mesotherapy for the body, you can achieve significant improvement concerning such problems as local fat deposits, cellulite, flabbiness of skin, striae and linear atrophy. Mesotherapy is also actively used for the treatment of alopecia.

During mesotherapy, patients virtually do not feel any painful sensations, as the cosmetologist uses a special anesthetic in the form of a cream. At the end of the procedure, reddening of the face may occur, but it disappears fairly quickly (after several hours). If there is a pronounced vascular pattern on the skin of the face, small bruises may appear in the injection zones, which will also disappear after 2-3 hours without any intervention on your part.

With proper skin care and a proper lifestyle, the results of the body mesotherapy course can last from several months to one and a half years. The duration of the effect obtained depends on the initial state and individual characteristics of the body.

Indications for mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for the face:

  • age-related changes of the skin (wrinkles, pigmentation changes of the skin, etc.)
  • sagging skin
  • the “second” chin
  • “bags” and dark circles under the eyes
  • rosacea (dilated vessels)
  • acne
  • photoaging

For head skin:

  • androgenic alopecia
  • alopecia
  • hair loss

For the body:

  • cellulite
  • flabbiness
  • local fat deposits
  • linear atrophy
  • insufficient blood circulation
  • swelling



  • Allergic reactions;
  • Personal intolerance of certain drugs or their components;
  • Renal and liver insufficiency;
  • Hemophilia;