LPG Integral – golden standard in apparatus cosmetology

We present the fastest method to increase skin ́s elasticity, get rid of cellulite, lose weight and contour your body. With massage using LPG device your skin will become fresh, young and lifted, double chin will disappear and shape of the face improve.

LPG lipo-massage works to:

Release fat deposits, including places on a body, where sport and diet are powerless

Lift and resculpt the figure

Reduce cellulite


New Ergodrive treatment head is a key feature of LPG new generation device – Cellu M6 Integral. Doubling of performance and tissue traction, moreover this treatment head now is working all the way to connective tissue level. These features increase the efficiency of lipo-massage 1,5 times! The effects of lipo-massage can now be seen much faster with a visible difference between results of the new and
previous generations of LPG devices. Lipo-massage is safe for the skin, does not leave any red marks or bruises. The intensity of procedure can be regulated according to skin condition, subcutaneous fat level and patient feelings.

Differently for women and men

This device is perfect for young mothers and rehabilitation after childbirth. It is possible to begin treatments as soon as 3 months after childbirth.
LPG Cellu M6 Integral is actively fighting male abdominal fat deposit where previous generations of LPG devices were not that effective. Lipo-massage leads to loss of volume in other typically problematic zones of the male body as well. As a result you will get tight torso and great skin condition. Comfort and painless lipo-massage procedure helps to fight cellulite, decrease thickness of subcutaneous
fat, contour the body and firm the skin in a short time. Each procedure is finished by a stage called “skin reinforce” to firm skin. This is necessary due to the intense loss of volume. As a result skin tissue shortens by 25%!

Endermolift procedure

LPG Integral device has an indisputable advantage, due to it’s delicate impact this device can be used for skin care of face, neck and decollete zone! The Treatment head for the face was also improved, which allows it to be programmed for different skin types and three frequencies of action for various problems. The new method provides faster results of endermolifting than previous models. It boosts fibroblast to produce 240% more elastin and 130% more collagen. The Skin is becoming fresh and shiny.

Indications for endermolifting:

Reduce wrinkles

Increase skin ́s elasticity and improve skin tightness of neck and decollete zone

Get rid of double chin

Face ́s shape improvement

With LPG Integral device better results can be seen with less procedures. At the same time the effect lasts longer, due to cellular memory activation.
LPG Integral device also has a therapeutic treatment head. It works to reduce swelling and inflammation, regardless of the cause. Treats fibrosis, effectively removes scars. Thanks to improved technologies and recent scientific developments LPG Integral has made a revolution in the field of cosmetic apparatus. It has discovered a new formula for facial rejuvenation and body slimming.

Technology advantages

Everyday more than 200 000 women around the world are using LPG.

LPG Cellu M6 Integral advantages:

Indications for use:


LPG Lipomassage

40 € regular price

LPG Back massage

25 €

LPG Endermologie facial massage (Mobilift)

40 €

LPG bodysuit

12 €

5 LPG Lipomassage package

175 €

10 LPG Lipomassage package

350 €